Don, Livonia, MI

We just got to the die that you performed the slug retention on, the slug held well.

Bob, Jackson, MI

Previously we had to hand sort 100% of the stamped parts out of the die looking for slug marks. After using the Slug Retention Machine, the slug pulling problem was eliminated, and hand sorting/inspecting was no longer necessary.

Mike; Portland, OR

It’s easy to use because the Die Maintenance personnel can add slug retention now when needed without sending the component to jig grind. Cuts our down time…. Way down. Your DTC Slug Retention Machine has been great for us. We will be ordering the 3rd one in the next few weeks.

Andrew; Fort Mill, SC

The trials ran great!  We did not pull any slugs on the trials that were run so we decided to go ahead and purchase one. We look forward to receiving the machine and putting it to immediate use.  Thank you for allowing us to run trials with the machine, you have been a big help.

Tim; Skokie, IL

First tool performed well, no slug pulling. The request for the slug hugger went through an AR approval process and received approval based upon the favorable savings.

Mike; Bloomingdale, IL

Thank for your support with the loaner of the slug keeper. It has worked great, yes you can deliver ours today it saves ------- a ton of time and money.